Sunday, August 26, 2012


gold glistens in the sun
as the light that strikes its skin
bounces off and lands in my eye.
it is not gold then that glistens.

when you smile, i see the world
contained in a glass bowl.
and the picture is frozen
it was never moving after all.

when you talk i hear music
my heart hears music
my brain hears music
my ears, all they hear is your voice
but the rest of my body,
it hears soaring music.

there are fools and there are dreamers
and there are drunks and there are drinkers.
there are those that cry 
and those that sing and sigh.
and there are those that are in love.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Falcon In The Sky

You meet someone in your life that
feels like they were made
from your mould.

You meet your equal. Your you in another person's body.

People like them, they fly in your horizon.
They keep you company.

While you walk under the sun across every pebble and stone,
they soar above you keeping company.

Sometimes, they land nearby - near enough for you
to hear them rustling in the branch.

Sometimes, they land on your shoulder and your bond forms
a partnership.

thank you for flying out there for me, my falcon in the horizon.

Caught Up

so glide away on soapy heels
and promise not to promise anymore

The new world promises many things. It promises freedom.
It promises fulfilment and content.

I do not think the new world ran this by the rules of life.

Something has to give way - to concede. When i am caught
between the ocean and the shore; between safe and risk,
there are two things that are certain. 
When i am caught up in the influx of
emotions and the unforgiving binary vision of logic, 
two things are bound to happen.

One of them is change and the other is pain.

and when you come around again
then i will take the chain from off the door.
the chain, ingrid michaelson.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Morning Pill #19

It has been a while since I took to writing again. A lot has happened. While it will take more than one session to sift through the pile, I do have one all picked out for this blog-letting. 

Some goodbyes are meant to last forever.

So it is with a bandaged heart that I hammer out the keys as a means to finally put the final words to what had been a very interesting, enjoyable, eye-opening relationship.

Some goodbyes are meant to last forever.

We met and had the best first encounter. We were funny, thoughtful, and relaxed. We were pushing each others' buttons without being irritating. We parted thinking we had the perfect time.

Some goodbyes are meant to last forever.

But this was not meant to be and we found that out very soon as baggage on top of baggage kept piling up. And it all came to one question, "are you in?"

Just like that, every dream unravelled. Every plan fell through and what was left to be said were our goodbyes that only ourselves could hear - our voiceless goodbyes.