Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Joy of Sadness

people need to open their eyes. they need to take their surroundings in, inhale, tell themselves "yes, life, keep them coming.", and then exhale.

"Calm down Deep breaths
And get yourself dressed
instead Of running around
And pulling on your threads and
Breaking yourself up"

see, most of the time we say to life "stop. why? why me? why now? why not him or her?" that is not how we grow. when we say no to life, we lose the precious gift life gives us. we lose the experience. we lose the knowledge of living through it.

"And hold your own
Know your name
And go your own way"

sometimes life moves at a pace so slow, we think it has come to a halt and sometimes, life happens in a blur. like the rain that pours to swallow the cities, life can catch us unaware and trapped in the tin rooftops of our sanity. soaked and shivering, we cower at our misfortune.

"Everything Are the details in the fabric
Are the things that make you panic
Are your thoughts results of static cling "

- Details in the Fabric, Jason Mraz Feat. James Morrison
so i say to take a closer look at your life right now. Take it all in- the sadness, the pain, the laughter and say Yes. 

Yes, Life, Keep them coming.

Morning Pill # 16

Here I am again in between the plastic chair and the life-facsimile of the screen. It has been quite quite some time. And my god a lot has happened. I found love, which is why I have decided my writings will not contain any more of what we have. I have understood that love in its truest form can not exist in one person.

there is no "love" inside a person.

that is a false statement. because love is an action. it needs a receiver and a giver.
it is what connects people. that is where love is, in the connections we share.
you cannot keep love to yourself and say i am full of love.

so, the love i found is not mine to own. it is not mine to write but ours to experience. :)